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The multichain trader ecosystem for $TON & $SOL
$TONK INU is an OG project on the $TON (The Open Network) network. Its name originated from the combination of the network's name sound with the act of beating the competition, resulting in the perfect name for our beloved dog. TONK is a unique blend of meme culture and real-world utility, highlighting the immense potential of the network, which is still in its early development stages. This gives us a fantastic opportunity to be pioneers in a rapidly growing ecosystem.
TONK INU: When Meme Meets Utility

The launch of $TONK on the $TON network was simply epic, generating various tributes and inside jokes throughout the project. This event even inspired the name of our first freemint collection.
The Epic Launch of $TONK on the $TON Network
The enormous hype at the project launch put us in a battle against the damn snipers on the network. Liquidity took about 3 minutes to be added, and to approve the total addition, a small amount was inserted before the full LP value. This was enough time for the snipers to mess up our initial price!

What did we do? We transferred money to a bridge, used a fresh wallet, and launched the token with a different name (dramatic pause). Everyone thought we were running away with the investors' funds and started shouting "SCAM SCAM SCAM." So, we changed the name of $TONK to SCAM and received the scam tag on Tonviewer. However, we successfully launched the token. When it was time to announce it, everyone in the chat was asking "Why scam?" lol In the end, everyone understood and had fun, starting the saga to restore our real name!

What makes $TONK INU truly special is its foundation on $TON, a network on the verge of onboarding 900 million users. As the first blockchain supported by a social network (Telegram), $TON leverages Telegram's massive user base, effectively functioning as the front end of the entire network. This integration allows for seamless interactions and widespread adoption, paving the way for unprecedented growth.
Innovation is the key to success in crypto. While many are doing more of the same, we are creating real business models and solving real problems in crypto.
Tonk Sea

The first trending call channel based on liquidity and active investors, as well as an influencer marketplace on $TON, with plans to expand to other networks like $SOL, $BASE, $INJ, $ETH. Powered by @tonksniperton_bot.
Trade memes like a pro player. Tonk Sniper offers complex features found in major centralized exchanges, enabling you to achieve high performance in your trades.

Special features include:
• Copy trading from influencer channels;
• Revenue sharing opportunities;
• Comprehensive contract analysis;
• Advanced trading bot with take profit and stop loss functionalities.

Additionally, we now offer a referral system that pays 0.3% of each trade made by someone who signs up using your referral link.
Tonk Sniper

Tonk Analyser

Welcome to Tonk Analyser, your ultimate companion in navigating the complex world of cryptocurrency investments. Designed to combat fraud and promote transparency, Tonk Analyser empowers investors with cutting-edge tools and real-time insights.
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